iNvictus Forward Outreach Creating Solutions With Measurable Impact

Revitilizing Minority Business

We are on a mission to creating a pipeline for underrepresented groups to gain access to an equal playing field with our proven success model. In respect to the industry, our model has given access to minorities and increased opportunities that were not present before.

Our channels have paved the way for women and people of color in fields such as entrepreneurship. iNvictus Forward Outreach has a goal of increasing the number of companies owned by females and persons of color on a global scale.

Our ecosystem fosters a community of inclusion and the businesses we work with are destined for success as a result! We understand that entrepreneurs are essential for a strong global economy and through our program, minority ventures can create a global impact.

The HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship

iNvictus (EMERGE -Entrepreneurship, Mentoring, Economic Development, Research, Growth in Business(es) & Education and Office Center) differentiates itself by focusing predominantly on issues minority entrepreneurs face in today’s world.

Combining a vibrant entrepreneurial community, a unique sense of purpose, and a proprietary eight-step mentoring curriculum, iNvictus Office Center is widely known as the HUB of Minority Entrepreneurship and a leader in fostering innovation among entrepreneurs of Color, globally.